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Jean Claude Pierric


Diggin' in the Crate: Special Sampling


Hi & Fly Records


Diggin' in the Crate CD coverJean Claude Pierric is a French artist whose work has appeared on a whiole lot of releases, many without direct credit. He

Diggin' In The Crate is a new release on the Luxembourg label Hi & Fly Records. As is usual for him, the only credit he receives is the tiny writing in the lower left of the cover.

Along with Daniel Janin he is responsible for most of the productions on the Les Tréteaux label. He produced the Godchild LP in 1975, which was recently reissued along with Kid Loco remixes.

The music on Diggin' In The Crate is instrumental library music - the kind of stuff rare grooves collectors seek out, and that is the audience this CD is geared towards. The 20 tracks total 50 minutes, and range through a variety of sounds, though fat and funky bass is just about always there.

Take any track from here and mix it into a compilation or radio show and it will shine, but listening to this CD all the way through is not overly exciting.

---Carl, October 25, 2005