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October 25, 2005

Madeline Bell

title:: Doin' Things
label:: RPM

Madeline Bell worked as a background vocalist for Dusty Springfield, Kiki Dee, Donovan, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and Lesley Duncan. Up until 2004, any of her 60s solo work was only available on Dream Babes, Vol. 1: Am I Dreaming?

So it was good news when RPM reissued both her albums. Not only do these two discs have stellar sound quality, they also include a slew of bonus non-album single tracks which are where Madeline Bell really shines the most.

The Nuns

title:: The Nuns
label:: Get Back

The Nuns are an enigma. Who are they? From where did they evolve? What happened to them? Why are they so under known?

How did they implode and why didn't any of the members go on to be in any other important bands? How did they elude a place in the punk pantheon? All are good questions and very few answers.

Jean Claude Pierric

title:: Diggin' in the Crate
label:: Hi & Fly

Jean Claude Pierric is a French artist whose work has appeared on a whiole lot of releases, many without direct credit. He

Diggin' In The Crate is a new release on the Luxembourg label Hi & Fly Records. As is usual for him, the only credit he receives is the tiny writing in the lower left of the cover.

Rural Electric

title:: Rural Electric

I wouldn’t describe the music so much as fuzz-folk as I would more of a straight up lo-fi college rock sound circa 1985. Don’t think that’s an insult though.

The only thing that doesn’t really do it for me is a lack of consistency amongst the album’s 11 tracks. Aside from that these boys are capable of writing some really nice tunes.

Sly Stone

title:: Seventh Son
label:: Vampisoul

I've seen compilations of Sly Stone's pre-Family Stone recordings for years, usually budget looking compilations which didn't look very enticing.

Vampisoul has done a great job with the presentation in a nice paper cover for the cd artwork and an incredible selection of material. Top it off with liner notes from Gories/Dirtbombs mainman Mick Collins and you definitely have a collection for Sly Stone fans.