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Kim Kong EP




K.I.M. 12inch coverK.I.M. are Flokim Lucas and Jimi Bazzouka, from France. Flokim is from the Southern part of Korean. She has recorded in the past as Ding Dong.

Together Flokim and Jimi create new sounds by combining parts that don't seem like they would fit, into well-formed ideas. More 2 many djs than Lali Puna, K.I.M. originals are spicy tracks that fit with the whole punk/disco interest, yet seem to exist outside of any trends or movements.

Sandwiched between two versions of the K.I.M. electro / dance track Kim Kong you will find Gun Club Sex Beat in its original form, as heard on their Fire of Love LP. It is strange to hear a song from an 80s rock band in its original form on a electro-rock 12inch, but when you consider that this 12inch is a companion to the K.I.M. Miyage compilation it makes a little more sense.

On their website, K.I.M. say that Gun Club's Sex Beat has The power of Punk power and the soul of the Blues mixed in the perfect rock song. Cult.

The song Kim Kong appears in the Miyage form and as a remix by Emperor Machine. The track takes a hint from Kraftwerk Tour de France, with Flokim's breaths acting as the lead vocal. Her breaths sound more like physical exertion than sexy enticement. Kim Kong would make a great headphone track while running.

The Emperor Machine mix is the reason to buy this 12inch. It adds several minutes to the track, and none of that extra time is spent in buildup or atmosphere. Kim Kong is a storming track made even more so by Emperor Machine. alias Andy Meecham of Chicken Lips!

Andy pulls another magic trick by bringing the bass and beat way up front, moving the breaths almost completely out of the picture, and accenting the momentum that the track already had in its frame.

---Carl, July 7, 2004