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Library Science


High Life Honey


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Library Science CD coverLibrary Science is a 4 piece dub reggae band based in Seattle. Two of the members also play in The Bran Flakes.

Library Science is

  • th'g'rd'n'r ( Peter Lynch)
    Guitars, Keyboard, Drums, Space Echo, FX
  • Mildred Pitt ( Andy Arkley)
    Bass, Melodica, Drums, Mixing Board, Vibraslap
  • Courtney Barnebey
    Keyboard, Melodica, Vocorder, Call Bell
  • Tony Sacco
    Drums, Electronic Drums, Percussion

Mildred and Courtney are members of The Bran Flakes, and Peter Lynch is a member of The Melody Unit.

Initial impressions of this record would compare it to Flying Lizards (David Cunningham) 'Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards.' It was a project he started in 1978 and finished in 1995. He had been given a reggae tape to mix, only to discover it was a mono master. Since he couldn't break out the individual tracks to work with them, he started adding and inventing techniques to bring more into the mix.

'High Life Honey' has live musicians to create the sounds, but these musician are skilled at using samples to outstanding effect in their other bands, so the final product (this disc) is a fine affair.

Some of the tracks have a downcast slightly dissonant fell to them. I like the tracks that are more upbeat and have lots of sounds (2,6,8,9,11 are my faves).

Lots of the tracks have melodica on them. Sometimes the melodica sounds like Augustus Pablo, others like the French chill band Gotan Project.

When I played the title track of this disc on the air I got a call (always a good sign) from someone asking about it. Even though Library Science do not have any major distribution for this disc, most people who hear it will seek out the record for themselves.

The band writes "please sample our music and transform our work, even for commercial purposes. Distributing verbatim copies is accepted, unless for profit. Do not use for advertising."

I'm really glad that the band sent this disc to the gullbuy, and I hope that someone with the resources to bring this to a wider audience picks up on the great sounds within.

---Carl, April 27, 2004