gullbuy music review

September 9, 2003

  • The Action

    title:: Rolled Gold
    label:: Reaction Recordings

    The Action are the much loved 1960s mod group who had no luck when they were actually recording and releasing music but developed a cult following thanks to the likes of people like Paul Weller of The Jam digging them. They were signed to George Martin's label and released a slew of records which went nowhere, but are now considered classic 60s mod rock.

    Apparently, there was a rumor of an unfinished album in the vaults, and these rumors were found to be true. This unfinished album was finally released as the cd compilation Rolled Gold. Much different than their early sides, this album is really a collection of song sketches and ideas, which were recorded in hopes of scoring a record deal. They really were not intended to be released in this format, but seeing as how nothing came of these demos, what we are left with is a fascinating, lost masterwork left in the bated breath of an unfinished state.

  • Fanny Pack

    title:: So Stylistic
    label:: Tommy Boy

    Fanny Pack can appeal to the disco-punk set, electroclash and ghetto-tech folk, urban music followers, and old school beats n' breaks fans. They have an interesting story and an interesting sound.

    MTV has been all over the single from the album, Cameltoe. The track has novelty appeal, but if it brings wide attention to the band, then it is fine with me. For the rest of us, check out ALL the songs on this record. The blend of all the ingredients is something unique that you will want to hear.

  • soulwax presents hang all dj's volume 4

    various artists
    label:: Head Traxx Inc.

    Hang all dj's are two brothers from Belgium. David and Stephen DeWaele have woven some of the most interesting musical collages I've ever heard. They have been able to transcend the bootleg/mashup craze that first brought them attention.

    Volume 4 of the hang all djs series brings as much joy as earlier volumes. It is a great kick, and is another strong candidate for you to spend your hard earned cash on in the store.

  • The Poor

    title:: The Poor
    label:: Rev-Ola

    The Poor are just another chapter in the amazing unfolding story of LA mid to late 60s pop, folk and fuzz, and thanks to the fine fellows at Rev-Ola, this lovingly compiled disc has been assembled from their singles and unreleased demo recordings.

    Rev-Ola have a way of delving into the vaults and digging out these treasures of immeasurable wealth. The Poor have apparently been a best kept secret because I had not heard about them until this cd dropped from the sky. The Poor disc is another in a long line of jaw-dropping gems to grace the cd shelves of lost rock, folk and harmony pop that Rev-Ola have been re-releasing at a blinding speed.