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Fanny Pack


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Fanny Pack CD coverFannypack are a 5 person band from Brooklyn. (Band founder) Matt Goias, Fancy, Jessibel, Belinda, and Cat have a cross genre appeal that is filled with possibilities.

The band can appeal to the disco-punk set, electroclash and ghetto-tech folk, urban music followers, and old school beats n' breaks fans. They have an interesting story and an interesting sound.

Matt Goias originally made his name by hosting a weekly club night called Indie 5000, he has been called a hip-hop impresario, and his Indie 5000 night "the best hip-hop party in New York."

Fanny Pack are the real deal. The perfect timeliness of Fanny Pack's appearance recalls the bullet-like rise Cibo Matto had to the top of the pack back in 1995. Both bands had it right at the exact correct moment. I think that Fanny Pack have many strong tracks, and the potential to create many more.

One of my favorite tracks on 'So Stylistic' is Things, which sounds like a lost track by 70s new wave/pop Akron OH band The Waitresses. Things is build on a sample from Yeah Yeah Yeahs Art Star. Things is the most 'rock' of any of the songs on the disc.

Six of the seventeen songs are just talking between the three girls. This seems odd until you learn that the girls were found by Matt Goias as he walked on Fulton St. in Brooklyn and heard one of them making up simple songs as a street vendor snapped belts he was selling.

My favorite track on 'So Stylistic' is The Theme From Fannypack. There is a break in the song that I just love! MTV has been all over the single from the album, Cameltoe. Band member Cat said that she wrote the song after watching an episode of That 70s Show, where a character had a Cameltoe. The track has novelty appeal, but if it brings wide attention to the band, then it is fine with me. For the rest of us, check out ALL the songs on this record. The blend of all the ingredients is something unique that you will want to hear.

---Carl, September 9, 2003