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Barbecue Beets EP2


Barbecue Beets EP2


The Agriculture

various artists 12inch

Barbecue Beets 12inch cover'Barbecue Beets EP2' is a 4 track EP with one track each from four different artists. It contains songs from the April 2002 CD 'Barbecue Beets: Sunrise on a Rooftop in Brooklyn.', Tracks from that compilation are split between two 12inch EPs released in July 2003, Barbecue Beets EP1 and EP2. All the 'Barbecue Beets' are released on a label DJ/rupture is part of called The Agriculture (Soot is his other label).

The EP starts off with Trey Max. His song Galaktix is very calming. There is a vocoder voice on top of downtempo beats. Next is Scotty Hard and his track Diurnal. It is an instrumental cut with a vaguely Eastern feel to it and a beat so slow you'd swear the EP runs at 45 RPM. In fact, the only way I determined for sure that this EP ran at 33 RPM is by listening to the sample of Desplazados which appears on The Agriculture's Web site.

On the flip, the DJ Olive mix of the Telekinetic Soulmate track Oddity starts things out. Oddity features a little girl who says "Stay with me." The music below it is electronic dub with a lazy beat. The EP ends with a track by DJ/rupture (Jace Clayton) featuring Mercedes Ferrer on vocals. Desplazados has an arabesque string signature and Mercedes Asian styled wordless vocals. There are a few odd samples woven into the track, but mostly the song runs through in a fairly straight fashion, with the steady bass/drum beat always there.

This 12inch will surprise anyone who buys it expecting the mania usually heard on The Agriculture's releases. In that way this record makes me think of the David Shea & Scanner record 'Free Chocolate Love' which captured a Martin Denny styled easy listening sound quite effectively.

Barbecue Beets takes the sound of The Eighteenth Street Lounge out into the streets and rooftops of Brooklyn, and succeeds if your ears are open to go along for the ride.

---Carl, August 19, 2003