gullbuy music review

July 22, 2003

  • Black Box Recorder

    title:: School Song
    label:: One Little Indian

    This single has three songs. The School Song is taken from their third and latest LP 'Passionoia, Passionoia Megamix is a three and a half minute Stars On 45 styled medley of songs from the 'Passionoia' LP, and Lord Lucan Is Missing is a live version of a song which originally appeared on the US version of the first BBR record 'England Made Me.'

    Black Box Recorder do not give you much for your money with this single, but the live version of Lord Lucan Is Missing is pretty worthy of owning.

  • Kevin Blechdom

    title:: Bitches Without Britches
    label:: Chicks On Speed Records

    We are being treated to a private glimpse inside the true mind of Kristin Erickson aka Kevin Blechdom.

    Many of the songs have sexual themes, though this is not even close to booty music. The feeling is natural, not contrived. I believe that if Ari Up and The Slits had first recorded today the result might me something like this. the instrumentation is hillbilly electronic - there is accordion, lute, banjo and guitars, along with electronics that do not dominate or put the natural instruments in a blender.

  • The Fall

    title:: Words Of Expectation - BBC Sessions
    label:: Castle Music

    The Fall and John Peel of the BBC go hand in hand in my mind and always have since I've known about them. Oddly, however, is the fact that there has never been a comprehensive cd compilation which delved into this relationship between dj and band. Words Of Expectation, a 2 cd set tries to rectify that with mixed but fascinating results.

    This 2 cd set spans from the first months of the Fall's existence in 1978 (with 2 sessions from that year) to the 1980-1981 time period (3 sessions), then jumps forward 15 years to 1995/96 with the final two sessions included in this set. We end up with some super fine moments of The Fall - well recorded in a close to as possible live setting.

  • Fat Truckers

    title:: The First Fat Truckers Album
    label:: Roadtrain Recordings

    Fat Truckers were one of the most promising group of the last year or two out of Sheffield, and one of my favorite bands this year. I looked forward to seeing their songs on compilations (and they were on many) and their various singles and remixes. So it goes without saying that I was looking forward to The First Fat Truckers Album.

    Sadly, the album doesn't live up to the hype. I'm holding out hope that Fat Truckers have another album up their sleeve, which will leave this one in the dust.