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Black Box Recorder


School Song


One Little Indian


Black Box Recorder CD5 coverBlack Box Recorder is Luke Haines, John Moore, and Sara Nixley. This single has three songs.

The School Song is taken from their third and latest LP Passionoia, Passionoia Megamix is a three and a half minute Stars On 45 styled medley of songs from the 'Passionoia' LP, and Lord Lucan Is Missing is a live version of a song which originally appeared on the US version of the first BBR record 'England Made Me.'

The School Song is a lush piece that has all of the ingredients that have made so many (including myself) love Black Box Recorder. The lyrics are filled with the delicious synicism that the best of Luke Haine's work usually contains, and great music as catchy and strong as anything Saint Etienne have ever recorded as dance pop.

Passionoia Megamix is fun and works in its own way, though I had kind of hoped for a new version of a song in full. that said, the various song snippets are put together in a way that does flow.

The live version of Lord Lucan Is Missing was recorded at Norwich Arts Centre on March 10, 2003. BBR rock about 100 times harder than usual on this track. The song is about the 7th Earl of Lucan - Richard John Bingham, who disappeared in 1974.

Lord Lucan Is Missing

It seems like years ago That the headlines read: Lord Lucan is missing

Fleet Street looked everywhere And the police did too Lord Lucan is missing

Miss him at the Clearmont Club Or in The South of France Playing on the roulette wheel In another game of chance

Black Box Recorder do not give you much for your money with this single (though Zoot Woman hold the record for the shortest CD single that I can remember), but the live version of Lord Lucan Is Missing is pretty worthy of owning.

---Carl, July 22, 2003