gullbuy music review

June 3, 2003

  • Richard Dorfmeister presents…A Different Drummer Selection

    various artists
    label:: Different Drummer Records

    For it's 10 year anniversary (1992-2002), Different Drummer let Richard Dorfmeister (best known for his work with Kruder, but also a member of Tosca) choose a label sampler of primo slabs of the best dub and reggae groove inspired songs from the Different Drummer back catalog. And for the most part Dorfmeister does a stellar job.

    There's nothing too challenging or cutting edge here, but if you like groups like Fila Brazilia, Tosca, Thievery Corporation, or Jazzanova, and love Kruder & Dorfmeister, but you are finding yourself in a pinch money-wise, do yourself a favor and check out A Different Drummer Selection.

  • Electro Kills

    various artists
    label:: Nettwerk America

    Another electroclash comp? Oh no! But actually not - this record is a well chosen collection of tracks that does not retread songs that have appeared on other compilations.

    I am not saying that the material is exclusive; it is not - just that the songs on this collection will provide joy to anyone who likes this sound, and will not cause you woe through overlap with other records in your collection.

  • The Gentle Soul

    title::The Gentle Soul
    label:: Sundazed

    Sundazed have done a fantastic job in reissuing the lost 1960s folk rock gem that is The Gentle Soul. Thriving in the vibrant mid to late 1960s folk rock movement, Pamela Polland and Rick Stanley of The Gentle Soul hung out with the likes of Neil Young, Jackson Browne, The Byrds, and Tim Buckley, and worked with the likes of Terry Melcher, Jack Nitzsche, Ry Cooder, Van Dyke Parks, Larry Knechtel, Jerry Cole and Hal Blaine.

    Amongst this incredible scene of creativity, The Gentle Soul released one album and a handful of singles, but never had the push they needed or any luck with sales. I was very glad when I learned that Sundazed were going to reissue The Gentle Soul album so now more than just the collectors can hear the magic held in this delightful folk rock album.

  • hinterzimmer_POP

    various artists
    label:: Popup Records

    Hinterzimmer_POP is a compilation on the Hamburg label Popup records. I listen to German music quite often, yet I had never heard a single one of the artists on hinterzimmer_POP.

    I found that this record is enjoyable, and that many of these German vocal pop songs with electronics have become favorites of mine.

  • Jazzanova Remixed

    various artists
    label:: JCR

    The reinterpretations of Jazzanova’s work are well composed and obviously done by artists who appreciate the original tracks and are not trying to propel themselves forward on Jazzanova’s name.

    If remix albums of particular artists were consistently done to this level of quality, I would heartily cheer for more of them.

  • Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band

    title:: Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band with The Rootettes
    label:: Wounded Bird Records

    An immaculately produced (by Steely Dan's Gary Katz) album of blues/boogie rock with Root Boy's wickedly funny and (sometimes) insightful lyrics keeping things from getting too serious (or boring)

    This record has aged way better than I would have thought. I rate it 7 1/2 out of 10.