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Electro Kills


Electro Kills


Nettwerk America

various artists CD

Electro Kills CD coverAnother electroclash comp? Oh no! But actually not - this record is a well chosen collection of tracks that does not retread songs that have appeared on other compilations.

I am not saying that the material is exclusive; it is not - just that the songs on this collection will provide joy to anyone who likes this sound, and will not cause you woe through overlap with other records in your collection. The big surprise is that the label who got it right is Nettwerk America, not a hip label from Europe.

  1. The comp starts off with the Lolita Strap song Product. I was really glad for that! I love this song, and previously it was only available on an impossible to find 12inch on Crème Industries. Lolita Strap is Sami Liuski, better known as Bangkok Impact. Product sounds an awful lot like early ADULT. - and that is a sound I love.
  2. Me & Madonna is a knock out song by the Paris artist Black Strobe. Again, this song has only been available on a 12inch till now. Me & Madonna has stick-in-your-head dual vocals by Jennifer Cardini and Arnaud Rebotini, and a New Order feel that fans of GD Luxxe will cream for.
  3. Dexter is an artist that first came to my attention through the (best) remix he did of Fisherspooner's Emerge. I had never heard his track No More, and it is one of my faves on this disc.
  4. Someone else must have first heard Dexter through his Fisherspooner remix, as Fisherspooner themselves appear next, with the Tommie Sunshine remix of their Wire cover, The 15th. That is one of the many things I like about this comp: even if you think you know a song that appears here, the versions chosen are not the ones that you usually here. Tommie Sunshine is one of the people who collaborated with Felix Da Housecat on his omnipresent 'Kittenz & thee Glitz' CD.
  5. Emperor Norton signings Codec & Flexor play Black Diamonds. I like this song, but it is not one of my favorites.
  6. Felix Da Housecat is represented by the Jacques Lu Cont remix of Silver Screen. Wow!, this song has gotten almost as much mileage as Missy Elliott's Get Yr Freak On or Chicks On Speed's Delta 5 cover Mind Your Own Business. The neat thing is, I had never heard this version. It only appeared on a single with the ADULT. mix of the song. The single came out months after the original CD1 and CD2 singles of the song were released, so hardly anyone actually bought them. Both ADULT. and Jacques Lu Cont really did makeovers on the track, reinventing the song in their own image. I like this version a lot, and have listened to it over and over, something I never thought I would do with a song I believed was way past my overexposure barometer. Jacques Lu Cont combined the song with The Flirt's version of the Bobby Orlando song Passion. There is a sound that reminds me of the theme from Ghostbusters as well.
  7. I have tried to find records by Chicken Lips for some time now. I have read in Jockey Slut about Andrew Meecham and Dean Meredith, but have never heard them until now. I was not disappointed. Chicken Lips play He Not In, a disco instrumental with a great bass beat like Los Chicharrons or Tutto Matto. The version here is Mutiny's Real Life mix.
  8. Strange Sounds is a song by Manuel Mind & Valentino Tomasi. This disc has the Robot remix by A Touch Of Class version of the song. I have never heard either of these artists. the song is good, but not of of my favorites on the disc.
  9. Yellownote play Drugs & Alcohol & Alcohol & Drugs. I have never heard of Yellownote, but I'm pretty sure I heard Arnold saying this quote in a Terminator movie. I sure hope he doesn't rain on Yellownote's parade as he did on the Gigolo label.
  10. Mount Sims How We Do is my least fave track on this record. I have never been able to get into this band, despite wanting to when I first picked their disc up. The music if good, it is just the vocals that I don't like. They remind me of frat rock.
  11. Midnight Mike's Round and Around is a jewel of a track. I first loved this cut on Mofa/Nuetron compilation 'Electric Pop' (a great 2 CD set). The vocals of Violetta are sexy and sweet. Midnight Mike is one of the people in the UR (Underground Resistance) group of artists. I don't know much about him, but i do know that he just waltzed in and made a song as strong as Black Strobe's Me & Madonna with no hype or notice.
  12. I like Ladytron, but Turn It On is the least necessary song on this comp. I wish the compiler found a Non-LP B-side from them instead of pulling a song off their widely know 'Light & Magic' CD.
  13. I really enjoyed FC Kahuna's 'Machine Says Yes' record. FC Kahuna really suffered from City Rockers getting the deep six from Ministry of Sound, so it is good to have that LP's Bleep Freak here on this comp. Word always had it that Ministry of Sound pulled the plug on City rockers to make up for lost money by the lack of return on their massive Fisherspooner signing, so it is good to see both bands in top form on this record.
  14. The disc closes out with the Angel Alanis electro mix of DJ Collette's Feelin' Hypnotized. I don't think I have hear her before, but this track is sure a highlite of this record.

Good from the word go, this compilation can make you spend your cash on one more electroclash record than you ever swore you would.

---Carl, June 3, 2003