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The Dave Pike Set


Mathar b-w Regards From Freddie Horowitz


Seven Up Records


The Dave Pike SetSeven Up Records is a German label which exclusively releases 7inch singles by select artists from the past. The Dave Pike Set are a band considered by many to be fronted by the finest vibraphone player - Dave Pike.

Mathar and Regards from Freddie Horowitz are tracks recorded in 1969, from the MPS LP 'Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise.' With a cool title like that how could you lose?

Mathar has sitar in it, with a sound that forecast the Thievery Corporation song Lebanese Blond by thirty years. A very cool beat, and thoroughly contemporary sound. Dave Pike plays tambourine on Mathar.

On these recordings the rest of the band consisted of Volker Kriegel on guitar and sitar, Hans Rettenbacher on bass, and Peter Baumeister on drums.

Regards From Freddie Horowitz has a more typical Dave Pike Set sound. The guitar is light but driving, the drums are brushed, and the melodica is pure center stage. You can hear Dave Pike using his unmiked voice to accompany his vibes.

They must have been quite a band to see live. Both songs are worthy of the loving care put into the packaging of this (and every) Seven Up single.

---Carl, September 24, 2002