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Young, Sick, and Beautiful


Suspenders Vermacht Style b-w Jeunes Gens Modernes & Haunted F**k




Young, sick, and BeautifulSomewhat of a mystery release - is the band or the label called Young, Sick & Beautiful - with even more of a mystery sound which is right out of the early 80s scene. The bass is somewhat discofied, but too driving and dirge-like to qualify as disco.

There is an antiquated but unbeatable keyboard riff and mechanical chanted vocals (in German) on the A Side Suspenders Vermacht Style. The beat is compelled by a multitude of percussive efforts, all housed in a punky dub atmosphere. The vocals take their time to appear adding to the aura, and things only collapse at around the 4 and half minute mark amongst discordant germanic chants and mechanical buzz saw sounds and crashes. The A-side is great.

The B-side has two tracks - the first Jeunes Gens Modernes has a more motorific beat, a sing songy keyboard, a playful rhythm box mixed with a drum-fill-filled acoustic drummer, and recognizable words - something about discos. There isn't much change in the track, except for the addition of some dub-styled electronic horn-fills - al in all a sort of female electro Fall. A great start to the B-side.

The second track on side B, Haunted F**k, is more along the funk vibe but still retains the playful keyboard but in this case takes on its namesake with a 'haunted house' sound. Surprisingly, this track has the most recognizable lead vocals of all three - reminding me of the Au Pairs in vocal and rhythm - with a lyric about Suzy wanting Eddie - but luckily unlike the title implies this track is playable on air.

All in all a great 10 inch single - hopefully more will be revealed about Young, Sick & Beautiful in the future.

---Patrick Rands, July 30, 2002