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Vai Vai


Eighteenth Street Lounge Music


ThunderballI was one who only dabbled in the Thievery Corporation, but not so with Thunderball - I was taken with the Thunderball sound right away.

This 10 inch single culls the song Vai Vai from Thunderball's second album, Scorpio Rising (on Eighteenth Street Lounge Music) and right away Thunderball were counted amongst the Thievery Corporation and Nicola Conte as contenders in the art of mixing trip-hop, blaxploitation, dreamy female vocals, funky keyboards, smooth drum and bass, and jazzy vibes all in a very modern context.

Vai Vai (which was also included in edited form on the incredible The State Of E:Motion Vol. 9 (E:Motion) 2xCD set, set up in two different but workable mixes on this 10 inch single, both extending its concept and delving into its parts with equal excitement.

A1 includes the Extended mix, the more upbeat driving rhythm propels Vai Vai into extended bliss that the edited version could only hint at. It starts out with a simmering introduction, and soon kicks into highgear with some funky music and dreamy female vocals which would make Curtis Mayfiend and Herbie Hancock both happy. This track pumps but doesn't hesitate to stop every so often and take a breath, only to pump right back into high gear with organ solos to the moon. Pumping and disembodied horns and background vocals round out this incredible extended mix.

B1 includes the Downtempo mix which while still containing a steadily pumping rhythm is more into the simmering side of Vai Vai - and it is a real treat to hear the development of the many layers in equal doses.

All in all this single is a don't miss addition to the Thunderball collection.

---Patrick Rands, July 30, 2002