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Monika Enterprise


QuarksQuarks get the remix treatment on this 12 inch single featuring mixes by Schneider TM, Submission, Gonzales, Turner & James Hodge - really expand the sound of Quarks. There's not a bad mix in the lot - all mixes are great to excellent.

A1: Konigin - Tunnelblick - Turner First track has a pulsing bass and motorific beat that compliment the repetitive guitar motif, which stays with us when the rhythm pulse drops out during the creepy vocal section. Once the rhythm kicks back in the guitar becomes less pronounced and the vocals get manipulated, pitch-wise with the melody quite noticeably giving this a live mix feel to it.

A2: Alles Mehr - N-Joy - Gonzales Modulated tones fill out the Gonzales mix while dual disembodied male/female vocals sing soothingly to the tones. Subdued rhythms and the playful tones give this track an overall experimental lounge feel.

B1: Fallen - Werden Wir Alle In Grossen Spiralen Aus Dem Himmel Gespuckt Von - Schneider Tm The most band-like mix - with guitars and vocals still remaining pretty much intact, though the vocals sound modulated. There is a synth which has a very moog sound to it and a bopping drum machine which keep this track moving and mysterious. This mix ends with some modulated static bursting overtop.

B2: Zeit-Hin - Submission - Dub A plodding dub version with echoed rhythms and computer- effected vocals. This reminds me of the Slits in their later days. A playfully echoed electronic melodica compliment this entry.

B3: Dunkeln - James Hodge Electronic pulses and tones start this mix out - eventually a pulsing Kraftwerkian rhythm appears as a pulsed melody plays over the top. Slowly developing, a violin-like keyboard inserts the emotional melody. A perfect ending to an overall great remix 12 inch.

---Patrick Rands, July 23, 2002