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001 & 010 b-w 011 & 100




StolStol are an improvisational duo based around Olaf Rupp on the guitar and Stephan Mathieu on the drums, who have an inventive 12 inch e.p. out on Kitty-Yo records.

Fitting strongly into the modern mode of improv, but never sounding derivative of that sound, and perhaps even rising above it by having an extreme knowledge of timber and rhythm, there is much up for offer on this 4 song collection.

What keeps my interest the most is the constant rhythms - this never becomes too noodling, never gets tedious, each track being a perfect length to keep interest at around the 5 minute mark.

a1: 001 Loops, minimal bass drum, and a higher end electronics start out the Stol e.p. An ever forming melody played on manipulated guitar coupled with peculating percussion and bubbling electronics like powerlines continue to intrigue.

a2: 010 A more direct apparent improvised, guitar/percussion piece, the guitar is played in the exact rhythm of the countering percussion creating a jerky rhythm throughout. At almost the two minute mark is when the more developed electronics and heavily modulated short wave radio samples come into view. I particularly like when the pronounced acoustic bass drum appears leading us into the the locked groove.

b1: 011 More upbeat then the previous side of the e.p. with a more funky jazz feeling. Very percussive with both electronic and acoustic drums coupled with wah-wah guitar, forever driven by a steady rhythm.

b2: 100 Starting out with windsounds, but soon becoming extremely percussive in nature, guitars gently strummed, while a driving rhythm moves things forward eventually leading us to another locked groove ending.

---Patrick Rands, June 25, 2002