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Phoneheadslastig Remix




LaubLaub get the remix treatment on this 12 inch single on Kitty- Yo. And while this is not nearly as exciting to me as the Fileshaving 12 inch single, I'm sure there are those who will actually find these tracks more to their taste - or in the least more exciting considering the total change-up done to Laub. There's a more in your face quality to these mixes, the bass and drum tracks are more steady and more recognizable and there is less of a dreamy quality.

a1: Phoneheadslastig mix (7 minutes) Creepy echoed and plucked background noises are only emphasized more by the drum and bass rhythm - a tension is created and maintained throughout this track - so that when there are vocals, which normally would be dreamy, these vocals take on a more sinister affection.

b1: Folgenschwere (5 and a half minutes) A little less effective than side a, but no less creepy. There is a bit more of a noodling sound in the keyboards which recall krautrock and a more jerking propulsiveness to the rhythm. If a voice ever does rise in this mix it's been mutated beyond recognition. Overall this mix has somewhat of a dated feel to it.

b2: Laubfrosch remix (4 minutes) A more playful track than the previous two more sinister tracks - this has a really great Kraftwerkian electro vibe to it, but not so much to sound predictable. It keeps some of the quirky rhythm changes that Laub are known for. My favorite track on the single.

---Patrick Rands, June 25, 2002