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Falling Back Together


Monika Enterprises


KomeitKomeit are are a duo comprised of Julia Kliemann (vocals, keyboard) and Chris Flor (vocals, guitar) and they get the the remix treatment on the Falling Back Together e.p. by T. Raumschmiere, DJ DSL, and Robert Lippok all of whom add their own twist on things, the end result being a wholly interesting 12 inch e.p. of quite a bit of variety, and little repetition.

1: 3hours T. Raumschmiere Dream Baby remix A driving euro-tron mix with floating female vocals over the rolling synths bubbling under and over the rhythm, accented by clicking suctioned percussion and ambient melodies. Enough of a lyric to constitute an actual version of the song without (I'm guessing here) just being a shadow of the original mix.

2: Saturday Night Betrieb Wonder in Toyland mix Produced by Ekkehard Ehlers broken rhythms, various cat-like voices appearing in all corners, and an electro bass give this mix a fun (but not uselessly so) atmosphere. The stops and starts stop into some cool piano samples, only to bring us back to the electro beat coupling some one finger solos into the mix.

3: When It Starts DJ DSL mix Organ motifs, slowly funking drum fills, a funky slap bass and detached double-tracked vocals are a mainstay of this mix. Probably my least favorite mix of the bunch, because of the sluggish funk rhythm.

4: I Can Tell Robert Lippok Prizma mix Pleasantly understated techie mix, with softly plucked keyboard melodies and playful seductive lead vocals which get the tweak every so often, while static fuzz flurries in unison.

5: Saturday Night Bus Bus a Nova mix A dubbed-out version of a2 - which keeps the lead male vocals intact and really gets the dub on. Most definitely my favorite mix on this EP.

---Patrick Rands, June 25, 2002