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Happy Supply


Health Place & Socket Song b-w Color Song & Whale Song


Popsickle/Dutch Courage


Happy supplyOne of my favorite things in the whole world I am holding in my sweet hands right at this very instant. That would be lovely 4 song 7 inch singles, on colored vinyl (and in this case pink!), with photocopied inserts, and to top it all off, a delectably twee girl pop sound with organs and drum machines and songs about whales or colors.

If this happens to you and you get one slice of pop heaven in your hand wondering should I purchase something so effusely cute.... Well, if you are holding the Happy Supply 4 song ep, then you won't be hurting later after you've plopped down the 4.99 at the counter.

This is a great single which not only brings back memories of a sweeter past, but also gives hope for a better more poppier future. Checking out some of their soundfiles at the record's website I can only feel that this single is a definite jump forward too, as they veer further away from the modern synth sounds and more towards a retro organ sound, the rhythms become more straight forward yet dubby, and the vocals become more female-dominated. They have entered into their own, coming out of the bedroom and into the light.

a1 - Health Place combine a dubby early 80s sound a la the Raincoats and Altered Images but adds a quirky 60s ? and the Mysterians organ sound.

a2 - A more hip 60s inspired rhythm on Socket Song sets this song apart from the other 3 songs. Cascading organ lines, add just the right touch to make this song one of the more memorable on the single.

b1 - Color Song combines male and female vocals with a peppy beat and a New Order-styled guitar solo. This song has some interesting synth sounding solos giving it an almost live feel, and setting us up for the last tune.

b2 - Whale Song is an instrumental with a seagull sounding synth, again hearkening back to Altered Images, the only downside being that it ends way too soon! This song needs the extended treatment so badly, maybe 6 minutes long, that would be a amazing. Two minutes is just not long enough.

---Patrick Rands, June 18, 2002