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Audio Chocolate: Ignorance Is Bliss


Audio Chocolate: Ignorance Is Bliss


Audio Chocolate

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Audio ChocolateThis is the first release from the Berlin based Audio Chocolate label featuring Chilly Gonzales, Bomb20, Patric Catani, Nitro, Paul Pm, Max Turner, Peaches, Gina D'Orio, Parasite, Camouflage F*ckstar, Candie Hank, and Hanayo and jumps all over the Berlin- influenced map with electro, hip hop, and breakbeats, and definitely is an onslaught of Audio-attack in a grand way. I'm quite sure a lot of these tracks will go down in history as being radio faves - and I'm looking forward to hearing more from the Audio Chocolate gang. With this cd - the louder the better. In this review I will only discuss the tracks that I liked the most, but I will also point out the tracks with profanity, seeing as how this review is geared towards college radio.

4.Bomb20 starts us out with Redrum which has many intriguing samples, creating a great extended introduction. At the 1 minute mark, a heavy drum track breaks in, with a high- pitched and evocative melody which sends this track over the top.

6. Candy Hank's Leave The Disco features a heavily modulated sample which includes a brilliant 'entire dancefloor was in flames' storyline sample coupled with a harsh dissonant yet enjoyable rhythm. My favorite rhythm is the bongo down the stairs effect which comes in around the 3 minute mark.

7. Hanayo and Bomb20's Shark attack contains spacey childish female vocals, Dr Who sounds, string samples and a nice squeeling soundbreak - all combined to make this is a freaky piece of music. Need I say more?

9. Nitro featuring SPT give us Sumo Catacombs, which has an extended echoed introduction, leading to a bouncing slavish rhythm. A favorite of mine, but I think sound choice samples might have sent this over the top more.

10. Gina V.D'Orio Patric C, and Maxwell Turner start Goodbye My Love out with a plucked guitar riff, coupled with echoed male and female radio voices, which creates just the right feeling of chaos which is added to by the varying rhythm boxes and the aforementioned plucked guitar riffs. Things keep building to a climatic edgy collision of sound and fury.

12. Camouflage F*ckstars offer up Camouflage, which has dubbed- out drums mixed with distorted overdriven bass, and computerized/distorted vocals which is what sends this one into alien regions of unknown aural pleasure. The plaintive melody accompanying the sampled guitar (which reminds me of Swell Maps) add a subtleness to the proceedings.

Tracks with profanity: 2. 'dj f**king with the beat' 3. 'no piss no fun' 'see you later bitch' 5. 'all right you white motherfuckers' what the fuck are you doing? didn't I say all eyes on me?' 14. 'f**king cops' 15. 'f**king united nations peace keeping force' 16. 'your mother sucks big f**king elephant dicks, you got that?' (Joe Pesci) 'ambush! ambush! drop it motherf**ker!'

---Patrick Rands, June 18, 2002