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March 26, 2002

  • Brumario


    CD / various / Acuarela

    'This is the first major compilation on this Spanish label of note. The music on Brumario is representative of a darker presence on the Spanish scene. This CD is full of a dark soulful country-like sound, almost 'post-folk' in appearance.' ---George
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  • Fischerspooner


    CD / #1 / International DeeJay Gigolo Records.

    'Fischerspooner don't like to be called a band. With their full-blown stage show, including pre-recorded backing tapes, leotards, wigs and grease paint, Fischerspooner actually appear more like an Eighties MOVIE. (Liquid Sky, anyone?) On stage, they are a collective consisting of a dance troupe, a costume designer, a makeup artist, a hairdresser, back up singers, and the like. On record, FS are reduced to the central duo of Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner, musician and front-person respectively.' ---Commodore Vic
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  • Immer


    CD / (various) a mix by Michael Mayer / Kompakt

    'I really like this disc because I know so little about the artists and I enjoy the sound. Even though this is a mix CD each track has its own time and space and can be played separately. Kompakt are one of the most respected labels from Cologne, pioneers in hypnotic minimal techhouse.' ---Carl
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  • Josef K

    Josef K

    CD / Young and Stupid / LTM

    'Josef K were a Edinburgh band who came to light along with other Postcard artists Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Go-Betweens. Josef K were part of the strong Edinburgh scene of the time along with three other bands I love; Fire Engines, The Scars, and TV21. Like Orange Juice (and Felt and Echo and The Bunnymen for that matter) Josef K were very influenced by the NY band Television. The guitar sound of Richard Lloyd and Tom Verlaine got jacked up with an almost punk energy by Josef K guitarist Malcolm Ross, and Paul Haig's driving bass lines.' ---Carl
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  • Patti Smith

    Patti Smith

    CD / Horses / Arista

    'When this album came out in 1975 it blew people's minds. The Max's and CBGB scenes in NY were growing, and first wave punk bands like Television, Blondie, Ramones, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and Dead Boys were scoring record deals. In the NY punk scene bands were part of an extended family, though different muses drove them all. No one sounded like her. She was a link between the hippies Johnny Rotten despised, the beat poets Richard Hell idolized, and the sound of the streets exploding everywhere.' ---Carl
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  • Radio Ethiopia

    The Patti Smith Group

    CD / Radio Ethiopia / Arista

    'One year after 'Horses' Patti Smith released 'Radio Ethiopia' under the band's new moniker, The Patti Smith Group. Continuous touring and increased experience with their instruments had produced a band that were fully realized. 'Radio Ethiopia' is my personal favorite PSG record. Radio Ethiopia is the sound of the lifestyle Patti preached: go to the edge till only a thread holds you back, then take one more step. Come back and tell about it.' ---Carl
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  • Psychedelia at Abbey Road

    Psychedelia At Abbey Road 1965 - 1969

    CD / various / EMI

    'Psychedelia at Abbey Road collects various British recordings done at the studio for EMI between 1965-1969. This whole CD has tremendous sound through and through having been remastered in 24-bit digital sound, which is even notable in the long version of Donovan's Sunshine Superman (#1) which brings out the percussion like you've never heard it before (and I know, we've heard it all before - but not with this clarity).' ---Patrick
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  • Secrets / DL Bucket

    The Secrets / DL Bucket

    CD5 / 'Outstanding' & 'Western Girls' b-w '(Can't Stand) Hand Stands' & 'My Stupid Curse' / Danger5

    'A skip, a bound, and Ho Ha, it's off! Dutch band DL Bucket team up with Boston electronica The Secrets to produce a sprightly, pop heavy EP. The Secrets are light and poppy, less sugar coated than Bis, with what appears a strong influence by Superchunk or Moped. DL Bucket are a fun listen with what sounds like Spanish commercial background clips in one of their songs.' ---Brendan
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