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BrumarioThis is the first major compilation on this Spanish label of note. The music on Brumario is representative of a darker presence on the Spanish scene.

This CD is full of a dark soulful country-like sound, almost 'post-folk' in appearance.

From Manchester, UK, former Vespertine label mates, GNAC, THE MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS, and THE BITTER SPRINGS (with the smashing cut 'It's Business' - adding just the right touch of post-punk) are here as well.

The usual Acuarela suspects then fall into place: MUS, MIGALA, TINSEL, SR. CHINARRO, PALOMA, ANT (quiet solo material from Anthony Harding, Hefner's drummer), and EMAK BAKIA.

My favorite song on this compilation is the lush and dramatic track 'A Thousand Loops of Perversity' by EMAK BAKIA, their work is often described as a cross between DISCO INFERNO and KURT WEILL-in other words: brilliant.

Nearly all of the tracks are exclusive to this disc.

---George F. Kilgoar III, March 26, 2002