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Donna Regina


Northern Classic


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Donna ReginaDonna Regina are Günther and Regina Janssen. They have been putting out records together as Donna Regina since 1992. Their biggest market has been Japan, but that could easily change with records as strong as this.

'Northern Classic' is a really fine disc. I could play 'Northern Classic' over and over without feeling anything but joy. There are no 'skip' songs, and the sound is both chilly cold and lazy warm.

Donna Regina sound like what I believe Saint Etienne have been trying to accomplish since their LP 'The Sound Of Water', only Donna Regina achieve the sound effortlessly, to little acclaim.

The duo are on a label from Cologne, though I'm not sure exactly where they live themselves. I am telling you - this CD is a good buy if you like Saint Etienne. Regina's voice shows influence from Claudine Longet.

Regina Janssen has taken Claudine Longet's influence in a completely different direction than Kahimi Karie has. Regina's voice is very confident. She seems to be in control of the drifty world she creates with her husband's music.

On the Ware Records compilation 'Warenkorb #3' Donna Regina stood out with the exclusive track Decomposed Subsonic (credited to Blaue Löwen). Decomposed Subsonic is worth buying 'Warenkorb #3' for.

Why Do You Ask?, Favorite Human, Northern Classic, Sea People, and Drifting Around are worth buying 'Northern Classic' for.

---Carl, March 12, 2002