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This HeatMerging a sound like Flaming Lips (a decade later) with classic Rolling Stones, the first song on this CD ('Sleep') lets you know that This Heat had moved on from the mostly instrumental songs they released on the 2 LPs before 'Deceit'.

'Sleep' has the dual vocal (with a baritone voice) that became Flaming Lips (and Squeeze for that matter) trademark. The vocal melody of the Stones 'Groovy Tuesday' is in there as well.

As we move to the second song 'Paper Hats' the music below belongs in the parallel world of This Heat contemporaries The Passage, with a break as crazy (and wonderful) as anything performed by modern day Dutch outsiders The Ex.

This record is the one I had never explored by This Heat. I remember dismissing it because it was so different from their earlier stuff. And it is different: 'Deceit' has many vocal based songs croaked out by a lead vocalist without much of a voice to speak of - in the same fashion as Wire.

Like Wire, This Heat wove gold out of straw by turning their original vision into stunning recordings. If you want to hear proof just listen to 'Cenotaph' and prepare to be amazed.

'Shrink Wrap' reminds me very much of The Passage, though it is catchier than any of The Passage's songs except the 1980 single 'Troops Out'.
After 1:40 'Shrink Wrap' abruptly becomes 'Radio Prague', a track composed of music over clipped radio passages.
2:21 later 'Radio Prague' becomes 'Makeshift Swahili', which reminds me of early Unwound. Playing these three songs together is an experience I will recommend to you. You will hear This Heat do what they did best. Play with your mind while entertaining your brain.

---Carl, February 5, 2002