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Sincerely Yours


Sincerely Yours


Klein Records

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Sincerely Yours Sincerely Yours is a label sampler from the Austrian label Klein - which means 'small' in German (not too be confused with the 12' single with the same name/same label that Carl added to a previous Gullbuy).

Klein Records was started by Christian Candid with Rainer Klanger in 1996 to combine the many musical genres piled into the jumble of Germanic modern music including jazz, rock, indie and electronica.

What makes this label exciting is the fact that this umbrella of sound works as a whole. Along side some classic tracks by Klein records recording artists, this compilation includes 8 new and previously unreleased songs.

Included on this compilation are MUM (the Austrian, not the Icelandic), Sofa Surfers, Seelenluft, Lichtenberg, UKO, Mika, Albin Janoska, Markus Kienzl, Humbucker, and I-Wolf presenting The Electric Band.

The artwork is also of interest here and was done by Oliver Kartak, his quite fascinating photographic take of the city add a lot to the look of Klein.

A quote from Candid: 'We try and put rock back into the music to show our roots. We're not a dance label. We put out some club-oriented 12's, but all our musicians have different backgrounds. There are a lot of directions but at the end of the day, this compilation isn't just a bit of this and that. If music is going to come out of Vienna, then it has to be exciting and a little bit different.'

---Patrick R, January 1, 2002