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Beat at Cinecitta Vol.3


Beat at Cinecitta Vol.3


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Beat at Cinecitta Vol.3The newest volume in one of the best series of compilations of Italian film music from the '60s & '70s, this was released in late 1999.

This one is about half-and-half instrumentals and vocals (a bit heavier on the vocals than I'd hoped for). Now-Sound, funky grooves and pseudo-soul; pretty much what one would expect from Italian soundtracks of this era (1966-1971).

Favorites include 'L'Arcidiavolo' and 'Il Profeta,' both by Armando Trovaioli (or Trovajoli -- either way you spell it he's always a favorite!). The former is a mid-tempo organ groover with steel string acoustic guitar and an occasional wordless-vocal choir, the latter is very gameshowtheme-sounding with vocal by Carmen Villani (sounding like Rita Pavone filtered through Barbara Streisand) -- I love when the sitar doubles the vocal melody.

Berto Pisano's 'Tema di Oscar,' however, sounds way too close to Mason Williams' 'Classical Gas' (a ditty I've always hated) for me to enjoy it.

In all, maybe not as consistantly excellent as previous volumes, but certainly no disappointment, either.

---Peter Ledebur, January 1, 2002