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Depth Charge J. Saul Kane has been recording as Depth Charge for 10 years. He is a fan of Kung Fu and Action movies and frequently uses samples from films in Depth Charge records. He also runs his own label DC Recordings, and has re-issued soundtracks of film music such as Bullitt's soundtrack to The Hanged Man, La Planete Sauvage, and Puppet on a Chain. He also records techno as Octagon Man. Depeche Mode released an Octagon Man remix of 'Dream On.'

Spill is an odds 'n' sods collection of tracks from 1993 - 1998. The disc works well as a whole, and sounds good here in late 2002.

'Legend of the Golden Snake' starts off the disc. taken from a 1995 12inch of the same name. The music sounds like it is playing in a Turkish bazaar.

'Cool It (Vixen version)' was on the 1997 'Disko Vixen' 12inch. Opening with a kung fu fight scene complete with multiple kick sounds, the song moves with a shuffling beat under a single somewhat dissonant synth tone.

'Number 9' was the A-side of Depth Charge's 1994 debut 12inch. The sampled protagonist's observe 'two Chevys' after a drive by. The song has classic car chase music, plenty of car chase sounds, and guns being fired left and right. Maybe my favorite song on the disc.

Originally released as a 12inch in 1994, 'Hubba Hubba Hubba [Knife in the Bag]' centers around a sample of Audrey Hepburn taken from Wait Until Dark. The song is as effective as Audrey's incredible performance, which is panic incarnate.

Taken from a 1995 10inch, 'Queen of the Scorpion (vs. the snake killer's daughter)' uses a sample from a kung fu movie giving instructions on what to do to kill the vampire witch, which the music illustrates. At times the story interjects with Larry of the Three Stooges. There are also moments of the Twilight Zone music in the track.

'Good Driver (featuring old men),' 'Sassooll,' and 'Sex, Sluts 'n' Heaven' are the three previously unreleased tracks on this disc.

Good Driver centers on a dialog between a drunken woman and a Police officer giving her a ticket (possibly Julliet Lewis in Kalifornia?). She chides the officer for giving regular people a hard time, 'making innocent people suffer.'

Sassooll starts with a threat from a poorly dubbed Kung Fu gangster film. The song it evolves into is OK, but not as interesting as the best songs on Spill. Sassool uses guitar samples, both acoustic and heavy metal electric, in its stew.

Sex, Sluts 'n' Heaven has samples from porno films in it. While it is not a leering voyeuristic track, it does contain sexual content and could prove to be an uncomfortable track to play to a crowded room.

The final song on Spill is 'Poison Clan 95,' from the 'Legend of the Golden Snake' 12inch. Poison Clan 95 has a 70s street detective feel to it, with funky guitar, hammond organ, and bongo beat.

Spill is a satisfying listen. It also makes me want to go back and listen to his 'Five Deadly Venoms' CD (which I have never heard), and his 'Lust' and 'Lust2' albums which have languished in my collection since they first came out.

---Carl, December 3, 2002