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Tino's Breaks 6


Hallowe'en Dub


Tino Corp. Records


Tinos Breaks 6This record has captivated me, and is a wonderful treat to have during Halloween season. Tino is a Cuban drummer who has released 5 other records. I had seen these discs in stores, but never checked them out. If they are as good as this one, it is my loss.

Supposedly this record is based on samples from Jack Dangers, Ben Stokes, and Mike Powell songs (Jack Dangers is from Meat Beat Manifesto). Tino's Breaks 6 has the same type of charm as Elektrotwist's 'La Philosophie Dans le Boudoir,' which has remained in my personal playlist for over 2 years at this point.

Hallowe'en Dub is constructed in the same way as the duo DJ Me DJ You work: solid music parts augmented by fun samples. In this case, the samples have a haunted/horror theme. Wicked Insane Evil Dub is 5:40 of haunted hiphop/dancehall beat joy. I like the Catwoman sample 'Do you know who I am? And you're afraid, aren't you?'

The spirit of Combustible Edison (or more recently, Tipsy) is conjured up in 'It's Halloween Dub.' It's Halloween Dub does not outstay its welcome at a short 2:15. In that time we are charmed with a loungy treat that could even be on an Oleg Kostrow CD. Oleg Kostrow is one of the member of the St. Petersburg Russia band Messer Chups.

'Zombies Walk Dub' is deep and filled with hollow sounds. It has a lot of elements filtering in and out, including vocals and added samples. 'Lochness Monster Dub' has a story woven through it, and plenty of monster effects. It is as cheesy as a Vincent Price movie, and just as fun.

You know, I like all the songs on this CD. While I chose songs that fuel my passion for the Halloween season as I write this, I enjoy every song on this CD. Many of the tracks have only subtle references to the season. A fun treat.

---Carl, October 22, 2002