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October 22, 2002

  • Badd Inc.

    Badd Inc.

    CD / various / Mogul Electro

    Badd Inc. is the follow-up to last year's 'Electroclash' compilation, the comp which introduced Larry Tee's Brooklyn based Mogul Electro label.
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  • Tim Mungenast

    Tim Mungenast

    CD / The Un-Stableboy / Goat River Productions

    Tim Mungenast is a Boston guitarist who is not playing the game in the way thousands of other Boston musicians do.
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  • Saint Etienne

    Saint Etienne

    CD / Finisterre / Mantra Records

    Many people have been writing that Finisterre sound like Saint Etienne in their Tiger Bay days. I don't really want to say that it does or doesn't, but I am clear in thinking that Finisterre sounds like Saint Etienne NOW.
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  • Songs from Midnight MatineeMore Songs from Midnight Matinee

    Songs from Midnight Matinee

    More Songs from Midnight Matinee

    I have a treat for you, no tricks. Two CDs filled with lofi audio collages put together by WFMU DJ John Schnall. John Schnall has been hosting Midnight Matinee for years. He takes dialog from movies and ties it to music snippets. His technique is rough - dialogs repeat many times in a single song - but if you grab as of the pieces individually (and are familiar with the movie the dialog is from) I guarantee you will enjoy listening.
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  • Tinos Breaks 6

    Tino's Breaks 6

    CD / Hallowe'en Dub / Tino Corp. Records

    This record has captivated me, and is a wonderful treat to have during Halloween season. Tino is a Cuban drummer who has released 5 other records. I had seen these discs in stores, but never checked them out. If they are as good as this one, it is my loss.
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  • WIT


    Advance CD / Mogul Electro

    What is Whatever It Takes? Are they a puppet project of Larry Tee, or a bona fide band synching live to their own pre-recorded tracks? I can't say which, but I can say that I like it, whatever it is.
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