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Carrera remixed A compilation of remixes that were done to Sluts'N'Strings & 909's record 'Carerra'.

Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan (Sluts'N'Strings & 909) are Austrians who are involved in the label Cheap Entertainment. All but 2 of these mixes originally came out on one of two 12's.

I love every part of this disc. Even the name - a take off on the go go/easy project from the 60's 'Birds 'n' Brass' - is great. Cheap Records seems to release music with similar sensibilities to Uwe Schmidt's many projects. The sounds are built on samples and digitally sequenced percussion to a sharp dry edge, similar to the sound coming of late from the Berlin label Shitkatapult.

Though I like all the cuts, The Private Lightening Six remix of 'Past The Gates' (#3) wins for craziness with vocals and mania. DJ Hell remixes the same song (#6) with very different though equally intense results.

B Recordings Maui mix of 'Hard Move' is my favorite cut on the disc. It is not crazy or extreme, but it has some fine sounds including great bass that reminds me of early Kreidler.

Also on the disc are Peter Kruder, Sluta Leta, Si Begg/Buckfunk 3000, Animals On Wheels, and Farmers Manual.

Faves: 3,6,7

---Carl, September 25, 2001