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Nighteffect - selected by DJ Highfish


Nighteffect - selected by DJ Highfish



various artists CD

WMF Records compThe first release put out on the label run by the electronic music club in berlin, WMF. This is the label that put out the [komfort.labor] compilation mixed by Pole, and the AudioVideoDisco comp, both added in past issues of the gullbuy.

13 songs by artists known and unknown - all tracks except Chicks On Speed Night Of The Pedestrian (which appears on 'The Un-Releases') are exclusive to this comp.

The disc starts with a cheerleader-like intro by COS before going into Night Of The Pedestrian - still one of their finest cuts. Many of the tracks are electro instrumentals with brief vocal sections or samples. This is not meant to reduce them to an easy description.

Zombie Nation Doner All Day or Mitte Karaoke Die Discofibel would be at home on the Cheap label with their sharp angles and dry electronics.

Ben E. Clock I Love You is my favorite song on the record. It is erotically robotized. An early Add N To X split 12' with Fridge featured samples from the film Demon Seed (with it's infamous scene where a robot rapes a women). Add N To X took this idea way further with their Metal Fingers In My Body cartoon video, but Ben E. Clock have the song that does it best. It is not confrontational of forceful - it is just a lust song sung robotically by both a man and a woman fully consenting to each others attention.

Artists you may recognize are Antonelli Electr., Patrick Pulsinger, Thomas Fehlmann, Farben, and Pole. Despite this role call of familiar names, 'Nighteffect' is not just another electronic music comp - it has character from start to finish.

Faves: 2,3,4,6,8,11,13

---Carl, September 11, 2001