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August 30, 2005


various artists
label:: Family Recordings

The ability to re-evaluate the past is one of the greatest gifts a fan of music can be given. Music that repulsed you when first released may become your favorite when re-examined years later.

12"/80s/2 is a 3 disc set of 12inch remixes by 80s rock bands flirting with dance music.

Khmer Rouge

title:: New York - London 1981-86
label:: Hip Priest

Khmer Rouge actually turn out to something completely different than I expected. The liner notes made me think they were punk. Their slogan made me think they were punk. The name made me think of mass slayings.

I never heard punk in the music outside of an influence. This is not hardcore punk nor genocide. This is something better. The KR sound is so big it is hard to imagine what you are hearing is essentially a trio with keyboards added.

Sexteto Electronico Moderno

title:: Sounds From the Elegant World
label:: Vampisoul

Sounds From The Elegant World is a collection taken from 4 albums by the Uruguayan group recorded between 1968 and 1971, that is tinged with hints of Brazilian bossa sounds, latin rhythms, and a Sergio Mendes instrumental feel with a soulful Stax/Volt vibe.

Some superfine discoveries here.