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June 7, 2005

Go Home Productions

title:: Pistol Whipped
label:: Half Inch Recordings

Go Home Productions is London artist Mark Vidler. Pistol Whipped is a mash-up LP of Sex Pistols songs combined with other tracks.

This EP has a nice sleeve, and blue and white steaked vinyl. Considering the high quality of this release and all the bad Pistols reissues cluttering store's shelves, I'd say that any Sex Pistols collector would be crazy to pass up buying this EP.

Helen Love

title:: The Bubblegum Killers EP
label:: Sympathy for the Record Industry

Helen Love are a band from Wales that have a Ramones obsession and a killer sound of their own.

If you ever loved Thee Headcoatees, you will adore Helen Love. The Helen Love sound has female vocals, buzzsaw guitars, tambourines, casio, lots of glam beats and a super upbeat feel. The songs have fun lyrics and sharp melodies.

Hiltmeyer Inc

title:: Sendling 70
label:: Gomma

With names like Narcotic! and Pornhaus, you get a good idea of what this release has to offer. It's dirty electronics, with porno synths and killer rhythms.

While the best tracks definitely rise above the lesser tracks showing Hoffmann knows a sweet rhythm, there's something missing from this debut album.

The Jack Nitzsche Story: Hearing is Believing

various artists
label:: Ace Records

A Jack Nitzsche collection has been a long time coming, it's just a shame that it happened 5 years after he passed away in 2000.

Considering how extensive his body of work was, it's a wonder a compilation like this was even possible to put together. And it's a fine job, with a hope that more compilations will follow.

Wreckless Eric

title:: Greatest Stiffs
label:: Stiff Records

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