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May 17, 2005

The Fall

title:: Slates
label:: Castle Music

Slates came out in 1981, 25 years ago. At that time, Mark E. declared the release, "something totally unfathomable, neither an EP nor an LP."

It was a 10". Physically it was different. Another way to show that they were not like everybody else. After the release of Slates their relationship with Rough Trade was done.

Newspaper Taxis

various artists
label:: Enlightenment Records

Another in the series of spoken word recordings released by Chrome Dreams. This time around, the spotlight is on the "chemical crusaders, the drugs they used and the cult authors whose work has been influenced by them."

Newspaper Taxis ruins yet another good chance to archive some very important recordings with a lame voiceover and cheesey soundtrack.

Northwern Picture Library

title:: Alaska/Love Song for the Dead Che
label:: LTM

Northern Picture Library was Bobby Wratten's band between Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars.

Alaska/Love Song for the Dead Che is a CD reissue from LTM which combines the 1993 Alaska LP with the Love Song for the Dead Che EP.

Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats

various artists
label:: Essay Recordings

All the tracks have an aggressive upbeat feel. The sound is based on Miami Bass and hiphop. There are casio electronics, and lots of drums, congas and percussion.

The tracks don't have any regular bass, guitar, drum action - these are constructed tracks composed of rhythms, samples, and lots of drum related work.