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April 12, 2005

International DeeJay Gigolos CD Eight

various artists
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

Hell's label has taken on a warm sound with roots in the underground disco of late 70's NY and early Hi-NRG of artists such as Bobby Orlando and Patrick Cowley.

Spread out within the 27 songs are some tracks you will be glasd you bought the record for. International DeeJay Gigolos CD Eight, Selected by DJ Hell is a good record.

Yellow Pills: Prefill

various artists
label:: Numero Group:

Yellow Pills: Prefill follows up the other Numero Group compilations which spotlighted a lost genre of music.

Where the Eccentric Soul series spotlighted obscure independent soul labels, Yellow Pills takes a look at some overlooked power pop mostly recorded between 1979 and 1982 (with a couple of groups from the 90s thrown in).