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November 1, 2005

Madeline Bell

title:: Bell's a Poppin'
label:: RPM

Madeline Bell's first album, Bell's a Poppin', was a much more consistent album than her second album, Doin' Things, thanks mainly to the song selection and the fact that she used only Johnny Franz as producer.

This RPM reissue of Bell's a Poppin' also includes every single and its b-side (but one) released prior to the Bell's a Poppin' album was released.


title:: Dovetail
label:: Klein

Coloma is Geman duo Rob Taylor and Alex Paulick . Dovetail is their second album, following up 2003's Finery.

Coloma create songs that feature the lyrics, which tell stories. Their songs are as much poetry as tunemanship. Rob Taylor's vocals have a strong accent from his native England.

Free Design

title:: Kites Are Fun
label:: Light in the Attic

The Free Design were a 60s sunshine pop act with folk harmonies and a family based membership from the New York area. The group released a series of influential but commercially unsuccessful albums on Enoch Light's Project 3 label.

Their debut album, Kites Are Fun was originally released in 1967 and was full of sunshine pop gems, some cutting edge harmony led folk tracks, some superbly altered cover songs, and a few mellow tracks.


title:: OK Cowboy
label:: PIAS

Vitalic is French electronic artist Pascal Arbez. In 2001 he lept into the clubs with the Poney EP 12inch. OK Cowboy is his first full length.

Vitalic had been associated with the Electroclash Scene. Despite the fall of that sound, he has thankfully kept his sound the same, and has delivered ten new songs along with three tracks from the Poney EP.