gullbuy music review

October 18, 2005

Luaka Bop Remix

various artists
label:: Luaka Bop

This compilation of Lauka Bop artists remixed by others is a great buy - the disc has a super low price, and many quality tunes.

Luaka Bop has put out many releases, with an emphasis on World Music. You may not have heard any of them, and this collection is a great place to start.


title:: Music Inspired by Star Wars
label:: DM Records

Domenico Monardo became a rich and famous man he released a disco Star Wars LP as Meco in 1977.

This CD is the first new material from Meco in many years. He has created a new piece of work encompassing all six Star Wars movies.

Songs in the Key of Death

various artists
label:: Fat City Recordings

Songs in the Key of Death is a strange album, but a great listen taken in small doses. It is a 23 track mixed compilation that gathers together many odd pieces of music.

This comp is a follow-up to Andy Votel's similar Music to Watch Girls Cry from 2003. This is a very neat record to own, though you won't have any idea who does all the neat tracks you come to love within these 23 pieces.


title:: Imperial f.f.r.r.
label:: Teenbeat

This is a really great record. The 1990's indie scene had a lot of jangly and poppy bands but few reach the heights of this collection of recordings.

The true test of this material is in how well the work has aged. The songs created here are just as vital today as they were when they were first released in1992. The instrumental tracks are just are strong, if not stronger, than lyrical tracks and go beyond their pop moniker. Very few albums can tout that every track is a worthy listen even at its weakest moments.

Los Young Beats

title:: The Exciting Sounds of Los Young Beats
label:: Break-a-way Records

The Exciting Sounds of Los Young Beats has the entire recorded output from the mid-60s Colombian garage rock band Los Young Beats and a followup single from 1967 by the related band The Time Machine.

Los Young Beats were influenced by all the great 60s artists. They were given the chance to record this record full of their covers which was a rare thing for Colombian bands in 1966, so this record is an incredible time capsule from that time and place.