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September 7, 2004

7 Hurtz

title:: Electroleum
label:: Output Recordings

Electroleum is 7 Hurtz's second album on Output Recordings. Electroleum is like a collection of grooves and moods, as 7 Hurtz mixes it up quite a bit for a disc that makes it hard to put a finger to their style, but makes for varied listening.

Along for the ride are guest vocalists which help to funk up the proceedings, including vocal appearances by Charlotte Marionneau (from Le Volume Courbe), Val Perkins, and Mary Joy.

David Axelrod

title:: Anthology II
label:: Stateside Records

For those of us who might have been curious about this time period in music when jazz and funk were joining together to create a new popular music thanks to the work of jazz greats like Miles Davis, the work of David Axelrod is a sure extension of this movement in music.

David Axelrod takes that amazing empty sound where less is more that Miles Davis used so perfectly, and added a soundtrack / soundscape vibe like the great arrangers of the day were doing, but where many of these arrangers these days might sound predictable, Axelrod's music sounds fresh.

Der Plan

title:: Die Verschwörung
label:: Marina Records

When Der Plan originally recorded in the early 80s their sound was quite different than everyone else. They were a trio from Düsseldorf Germany that sang in German and used lots of dissonance and electronics in their sound.

The Der Plan sound does not sound radical anymore, but it does sound good. I think that this disc is a real treat, similar to the new Mission of Burma disc that thrilled so many fans here in the Boston area.


title:: Any Minute Now
label:: Play It Again Sam (PIAS)

Soulwax are a Belgian rock band consisting of David and Stephen Dewaele, Stefaan Van Leuven and Steve Slingeneye.

The Dewaele brothers mix as 2 many dj's and Hang all dj's. The band Soulwax is a very different thing. Unless you like Queens of the Stoneage and metal grunge like Alice In Chains, you will probably be less than enamored with the Soulwax record.