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The Bellrays


In the Light of the Sun


In Music We Trust


The Bellrays CD coverThe Bellrays are a 5 piece band from Riverside California that play a Detroit flavored soulpunk with conviction.

In the Light of the Sun is an album from 1992 originally released on cassette.

The vocals of Lisa Kekaula remind me of Daisy Marley from Noonday Underground and Rachel Nagy of The Detroit Cobras. All three vocalists have strong clear voices projected from the lungs instead of simply by amplified microphone - they belt it out!

Tell Me What the Sun Said reminds me of Undisputed Truth Daddy Was A Rolling Stone with its solid bass, wah-wah guitar, tambourine and space around all the instruments.

Anyone who like the more recent stuff from The Bellrays would enjoy this record. It is nice to see that they have had a vision of their sound for so many years, and were way ahead of the trends that brought their sound to popularity.

  1. Crazy Water
    Heavy duty soul stomper like the stuff on Soul Fire Records.
  2. Wandering Spirits
    Reminds me of Noonday Underground
  3. Footprints on Water
    Cool bass part and smoky feel. When it gets cooking it reminds me of the Detroit Cobras, with a touch of Paul Weller soul.
  4. Same Ground
    The drums have a live sound that I'm not crazy about. There is brass on this track too.
  5. Can I Make You Want Me?
    The guitar in the beginning sounds like Dead Boy's Son of Sam. When the track get kicking it is pure Bellrays.
  6. Tell Me What the Sun Said
    Probably my favorite track on the disc due to the killer bass and sparse sound.
  7. He's Gone Wrong
    Sounds like The Black Crowes. Not one of my faves.
  8. Blue, Blue, Blue
    Sounds like The Cure song Lovecats.
  9. You'd Better Find a Way
    The guitar in the beginning sounds like (Mod revival band) Purple Hearts and their song Extraordinary Sensations.
  10. In the Light of the Sun
    The guitar riff reminds me of the Neil Young song Mr. Soul, from his first album.
  11. The Ghost I'm After
    Sounds like The Black Crowes. Not one of my faves.
  12. Tell Me What You've Been Working On
    A loose mood piece that lets the band get a little psychedelic.

---Carl, May 25, 2004