gullbuy music review

March 9, 2004

Ellen Allien

title:: Remix Collection
label:: Bpitch Control

A collection of all the remixes Ellen Allien has done for other artists. You may already own several of these tracks on 12inch, but hearing them all together works well, as all her productions have a similar sound no matter what the starting point sounded like.

Ellen's label Bpitch Control is very prolific, but Ellen Allien full lengths do not come out very frequently (only 2 in 5 years), so enjoy this while we wait for a new one from her.

Angel Corpus Christi

title:: The 80s
label:: Gulcher

'The 80s' is a record of (mostly)covers by Angel Corpus Christi, who plays accordion and sings. With friends from other bands playing behind her, she has recorded versions of well known punk and underground rock songs, which do everything you want a cover to do - honor the original, yet transform it into the landscape of the artist covering the track. There are 3 originals on the disc.

The covers on this record come from a variety of Angel Corpus Christi records, including the out of print 'I Love NY' EP, loved by all who have heard it. Highly recommended! - The review is written by Ted Niemiec, an original member of The Gizmos, and a friend of Angel.

Benjamin V. Stuckrad-Barre Autodiscographie

various artists
label:: Marina Records

The premise is self-explanatory: this disc is a compilation of songs that Benjamin really likes. They are not in chronological order rather, they seem to indicate various phases of his life.

There is a definite beginning and a definite ending to this disc. I think of it less as a good mix and more as a collection of songs.

Mo' Horizons

title:: and the new bohemian freedom...
label:: Stereo Deluxe

Stereo Deluxe recording artist Mo' Horizons have been growing and evolving through the years. Their latest album And the New Bohemian Freedom (released in late 2003) is a seamless, hypnotic album which is equally welcome on the dancefloors, on the radio, or on your home stereo. They've upped the complexity from past releases (like their debut album from 1999, Come Touch the Sun which now sounds charmingly simple) which helps them to keep a current sound, but they never veer to far from their original intent.

Mo' Horizons is able to combine the organic sounds of jazz (rhythms from various types of Latin music like Cuba, Brazil and India), with electronics as they delve into a blend of glitched electronics and sweet segues via tastily chosen samples - augmented by real musicians and guest singers who sing their own lyrics. This collective process gels together perfectly for a really solid album.

Dani Siciliano

title:: Likes…
label:: K7!

Dani Siciliano debut solo album Likes... follows two singles on the K7! label (Walk the Line and Extra Ordinary, both included here) and many, many guest vocal appearances from the past 5 plus years. Helping out her husband Herbert (Matthew Herbert, aka Doctor Rockit) amongst others, on various releases through the years, including Herbert's Around the House (1998), Bodily Functions (2001) and Goodbye Swingtime (from 2003 as the Matthew Herbert Big Band), Herbert finally returns the favor by helping Dani out on her own cd.

Forgetting the house sounds of yore, Dani and Herbert instead work up some magic on a delicately tweaked, jazzy, subtle affair, which for the most part works wonders as a debut album. I think Dani Siciliano's debut album could really stir up some noise.