gullbuy music review

March 30, 2004


title:: The Absence of Blight
label:: Dial Records

The rich, composed progressions and melodies on this album take it outside the norm of anything I’ve heard from Kompakt – or for that matter, most of what I’ve heard in these genres.

For the first half of the album, there’s an air of suspense that runs through the melodies. There’s also an brand of unpredictability that’s rarely found in these parts.

Kompakt Köln Präsentiert Michael Mayer

various artists
label:: Neuhouse

This M. Mayer mix is a lot more minimal electronics than glitchy or breakbeat, although there are hints of each seeping through the mix. Exactly 2 years ago Michael Mayer's Immer was reviewed here, it was a first rate compilation compiled by M. Mayer and released on his own Kompact label.

Our Associates

various artists
label:: Superstonic Records

'Our Associates' is the first compilation of artists on the English electronic label Superstonic Records.

Though the styles vary a bit, the sound of the productions are consistent throughout. I like what they are doing, and hope that this label can get some decent distribution.

World is Waiting for Us

various artists
label:: Readymade

'World Is Waiting For Us' is a real pick me up. Even though it clocks in at only 45 minutes, it is a solid buy. There are 11 songs, that you won't hear anywhere else (that I know of).

While this CD came out in 2002, it is with great joy that I finally take the shrink wrap off a copy and get to write about it for the gullbuy.