gullbuy music review

January 20, 2004

Cool As Ice

various artists
label:: LTM

This compilation comprises the dancier side of the BE MUSIC productions circa 1983-1985. BE MUSIC was the moniker members of New Order and Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio used when they produced another band's music.

These musicians from Northern England were especially aware of the New York No Wave scene. As a result of this, more often than not, the songs they produced actually fared better in the dance clubs in New York City than Europe.

Martin Denny

title:: The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny
label:: Rev-Ola

A compilation of 20 tracks by the person who most epitomizes Exotica. This music exists outside time itself.

Rev-Ola has chosen a good cross section of his work, and mastered the tapes well. The booklet has thumbnails of the sleeves of 14 of his records, and extensive notes written by Sally Halloway in 1995.

The Fall

title:: (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas
label:: Action Records

Even though it is well past Christmas, the '(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas' EP by The Fall is too good to leave unopened till next year.

This EP has 4 songs, all of which are interesting and well recorded, even if a bit mad.

Folk Rock and Faithfull - Dream Babes Volume Five

various artists
label:: RPM

The ever controversial Dream Babes compilation series reaches volume five with one of the best volumes yet. I think I say that about each volume that comes along. I've come to realize in my travels that the Dream Babes series is not everybody's cup of tea. Whether it's a question of people's tastes when it comes to defining what girl group music from the 1960s truly is; or if it has to do with something deeper: I think the Dream Babes series is an ever fascinating adventure because it spotlights what actually was happening back in the heyday of the 1960s. Rather than look back through fog colored glasses by putting a twist to the times to make it seem like it's one thing, Dream Babes leads us the other direction: it was many things.

In The Garden - The White Whale Story

various artists
label:: Rev-Ola

The guys at Rev-Ola really know their stuff - and they really show their knowledge of great, obscure 1960s pop nuggets on In The Garden: The White Whale Story, volume one in a compilation series called Phantom Jukebox. White Whale is a 1960s record label best known for the hits It Ain't Me Babe and Happy Together by The Turtles, but the label was a hotbed for lesser known talent as well.

Xmas Snertz

various artists
label:: Gulcher

It might not feel like Christmas anymore where you are, but here in the Boston area our fingers are just warming up enough to catch up on the best of this years Christmas comps.

Gizmo member Ted Niemiec makes his gullbuy debut writing about this comp. He gives a song by song rundown of the tracks, including his own contribution to the disc! No conflict of interest here - he is a fan, and Gulcher is a label run by our peer, not a mogul or corporation.