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October 12 2004

2 many dj's pt 9

various artists
label:: Waxedhead Recordings

Early volumes in the series had a lot of mashups: tracks with one song's music and another track's vocals. On later volumes the joy became the way odd musical choices were woven together, with bits of new content inserted that sounded like they had been made for the song. The series also started to use a lot of movie dialog. Star Wars and Michael Jackson became recurring themes.

Stiv Bators

title:: Disconnected
label:: Bomp Records

Disconnected is the 1980 solo album Stiv made after Dead Boys broke up in 1978. In Summer 2004 Bomp released a 25th Anniversary edition reissue with five bonus tracks.

Despite really entertaining liner notes written by band member Frank Secich, I can't get too excited about this record. I really wanted to like it, but the songs are not very memorable.

Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls

various artists
label:: Ace Records

UK reissue label Ace Records follows up the Beach Party - Garpax Surf'n'Drag compilation with a second volume of Gary Paxton produced girl group/girl singer music.

The compilation is weighed down by half with mediocre and second rate girl group and girl singers. If you love to dig though, 13 out of the 26 tracks are good girl group tracks worth checking out.

Chuck and Mary Perrin

title:: The Last Word
label:: Rev-Ola Records

Chuck and Mary Perrin were a brother/sister duo from Pekin, Illinois who recorded two magnificent album gems of privately pressed music.

What's amazing about these released and demo recordings is just how fine they were, with a delicate folk tip and tastily strummed acoustic guitars, subtle bass guitar and Chuck and Mary Perrin's glorious vocals.


title:: Pleasure From The Bass
label:: PIAS Records

the newest Tiga single is his best. Pleasure From The Bass is a Miami Bass styled track, written by Tiga and Jesper Dahlback in Jesper's native Stockholm Sweden.

The version you will want is the 12inch version. The radio edit is unnecessary and the dub version is less distinctive.