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Train (CD2)




Goldfrapp CD single coverTrain is the first single from Alison Goldfrapp's second album 'Black Cherry.' There is a CD1 and CD2 version of the single. CD1 has Train plus 2 non-LP B-sides. CD2 has the album version of the track plus 3 remixes.

Goldfrapp is the duo of Alison Goldfrapp on vocals and synths, and Will Gregory on synths. The first remix was done by Goldfrapp. They call it the Village Hall mix. The second remix was done by Ewan Pearson. He calls it the 6/8 vocal mix. The final mix is by Marco Haas, otherwise known as T. Raumschmiere.

I bought this single because of the T. Raumschmiere mix. Like the previous mixes, his mix keeps all the vocals in the song, but makes the electronic beat simpler and more pulsing, kind of like a punk rock electronic. The mix works well for the track, and I'll bet it provides inspiration for Goldfrapp on future recordings.

At the time of this writing there is a second single from 'Black Cherry.' It is the song Strict Machine. I admit that I have not been a fan of Goldfrapp. The song Human has not been able to leave my head after 2 years and counting (not a good thing). But I have not heard the second record and cannot make a judgment of it as a result.

Train is a good song that could achieve crossover success on alternative radio if given half a chance. I like the T. Raumschmiere mix but probably wouldn't buy this EP just for that mix if I could do it all over again.

---Carl, August 19, 2003