gullbuy music review

June 24, 2003

  • 8doogymoto

    title:: Minimalistico
    label:: Soundslike

    8doogymoto formed in 1999 and it is no surprise if the trio lives in Berlin/Hamburg because you can clearly hear the German electronic music influences. This is 8doogymoto's first album on Matthew Herbert's house label Soundslike/Accidental.

    Some songs remind me strongly of Mouse on Mars while others of Lali Puna. The difference being that the lead singer, Fumi Udo, sings in both Japanese and English, whereas Valerie Trebeljahr sings in English and Portuguese. What I find most interesting about 8doogymoto is their determination to be a band/citizen of the world.

  • Channel 2 - A compilation of Output Records

    various artists
    label:: Output Records

    Output Recordings give us an excellent label sampler in CHANNEL 2: a compilation of Output Recordings. Output have done wonders with their 7 inch singles and CD5s, so it's great to be able to get a bunch of them all in one place.

    Artists included here are Hurtz, Manhead, Colder, Black Strobe, LCD Soundsystem, Volca Select, DK7, The Rapture, Grand National, Playgroup, Tall Blonde, Dempsey, Rekindle, Circlesquare, and The Boy Lucas.

  • Sonar Kollektiv - compiled by Dixon

    various artists
    label:: Sonar Kollektiv

    Though the CD is not formatted as a continuous mix, the tracks may leap from one style of music to the next, but it is never jarring to the ear.

    The style of the Kollectiv, with its elements of synth, lucid harmonies, and generous use of the drum machine, are pervasive and testify to the distinctiveness of the album and the Kollektiv itself.

  • Telstar! Instrumental Diamonds '58 - '77

    various artists
    label:: Sanctuary Records

    The 2 cd set Telstar! Instrumental Diamonds '58-77 is Volume 3 in a series of a little known (on these shores) British genre of instrumental music, which had it's heyday and peaked around 1963 with the release of The Tornados #1 smash hit Telstar. Groups found on this 60 song compilation include The Tornados, The Flee-Rekkers, The Eagles (not the 70s US band), The Eliminators, The Guitar Workshop, Timebox, Sounds Orchestral, Niddy Griddy Band, Royal Blue, Laurie Johnson, Johnny Keaton, Barry Gray, Cherry Wainer, Rockin' Red Price, Bill Shepherd, Reg Owen, Joe Brown and Peter Willsher.

    Like most British compilations of this type, Telstar is definitely geared towards the instrumental fetishist. The price could not be beat, and some of these instrumental tunes cannot be beat also. A fascinating genre which died out can be relived here in all of its glory.