gullbuy music review

May 27, 2003

  • Au Pairs

    title:: Equal But Different - BBC Sessions 79-81
    label:: RPM Records

    Anyone interested in Au Pairs or the late 1970s/early 1980s British music scene could do a lot worse than checking out this tremendous RPM disc which collects just about all of their BBC sessions. Au Pairs' live sound coupled with the un-orthodox lyrical approach (which had a female empowerment element to it, but really stemmed from an equal but different mentality, something you don't find everyday really) comes across loud and clear on this disc.

    Often these versions beat out the album versions of the same songs, and thanks to the BBC engineers, they sound amazing. Plus there are two unreleased songs to top this collection off.

  • Coloma

    title:: Sustainer
    label:: Italic Records

    Every song on 'Finery' is centered around the vocal. The songs tell stories. I would compare the vocals of Rob Taylor to Robert Wyatt in Matching Mole, Peter Gabriel in Genesis, or Paddy McAloon in PreFab Sprout. Each are master storytellers, and each have voices similar to Rob Taylor.

    Musically, Coloma remind me of the French artist Yann Tambour, who records as Encre.

  • Laddio Bolocko

    title:: The Life & Times of Laddio Bolocko
    label:: No Quarter

    I have received many email messages since I first published my (completely inadequate) review of Laddio Bolcko's Hungarian Agog CD EP back in April 1999. People could never find anything from the band, despite searching.

    'The Life & Times of Laddio Bolocko' is an easy to find double CD set that will please anyone that believes they would like the disc based on reading this review or having seen the band live.

  • Lenola

    title:: Sharks & Flames
    label:: Homesleep

    'Sharks and Flames' is a solid album that grows on you after each listen. A double CD that is a melting pot of indie rock sounds, drawing on many notable and varied influences.

    With 'Sharks and Flames', Lenola gives us an extremely pleasing and respectable parting gift

  • Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish - A Tribute to Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band

    various artists
    label:: Animal World Recordings

    Whether you think that Captain Beefheart was part of one long elaborate joke or one of the most talented guys to come out of the 1960s, I'm not sure we will ever really know the truth. One thing is for sure,Captain Beefheart was hugely influential to many people throughout the years, so it was not surprising to me that there'd be a Captain Beefheart tribute cd. I'm just surprised it took this long to have one.

    It's quite a trip, and often quite amusing to hear how the artists on Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish were able to take the genius of Captain Beefheart and either pay homage or use that magic and funnel it through their own style.

  • Sustainer

    title:: Cuántico
    label:: Italic Records

    There are 8 low key instrumental tracks on Cuántico. The sound is consistent with other Italic releases. An electronic dub sound with a beat.

    Alex Alarcon's music sounds crystalline. The music unfolds with subtle changes. It is repetitive to the casual listener, but intricate when examined closely.