gullbuy music review

May 13, 2003

  • Dopplereffekt

    title:: Linear Accelerator
    label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

    Dopplereffekt did the right thing with their first proper full length cd Linear Accelerator.

    Following a path which was only hinted at on their first International DeeJay Gigolo Records cd collection Gesamtkunstwerk, Dopplereffekt have left behind any semblance of club hits. Linear Accelerator has 6 fine songs on it, all of them worth the price of this cd.

  • Everything is Ending Here - A Tribute to Pavement

    various artists
    label:: Homesleep Records

    This compilation is very enjoyable and even though you probably won't find the entire 36 songs to your liking, this 2CD set is a must have for any Pavement fans.

    In case if you have lived through the 90's without having the privilege to witness and cherish the melodic low-fi sound of Pavement, this is also a great way to get introduced to the world of a very influential band.

  • SCSI-9

    title:: Digital Russian
    label:: Forcetracks

    There could not have been a better title than Digital Russian for the first full length cd by Moscow's tech-housers, ScSi-9.

    Digital Russian is another superfine disc on the Force Tracks label where every track is between the 7 and 9 minute mark, and it all has that superbreed we know and love as tech-house.

  • Trash*Palace

    title:: Positions
    label:: Discograph

    Trash Palace (they spell it Trash*Palace) is a club night in Paris. The night takes place at different clubs in Paris. Organizer Dmitri Tikovi created a band with the same name as the night.

    Trash Palace (the band) uses the talents of many people Dmitri came to know through the club. The sound is basically rock with an electro finish. Every song has lyrics which concern sex. Some of the record works, some doesn't.