gullbuy music review

March 11, 2003

  • Liaisons Dangereuses

    title:: Liaisons Dangereuses
    label:: Hit Thing

    Hit Thing did a wonderful thing by reissuing this rare 1981 album. Liaisons Dangereuses fit well in the current electroclash / EBM / New Beat environment.

    Liaisons Dangereuses were part of the German avante-garde - more art than dance. They shared an aestehetic with Christian Death, but there are electronics instead of guitars, and female background vocals.

  • New Order

    title:: Retro (+ Bonus disc)
    label:: London Records

    The original idea for a New Order box set was to include everything they had recorded in one box and call it Recycle. This idea was soon scrapped because a box set like that would be 20 cds.

    So that there would be a box set at all, the idea for this set was put together - have 4 friends of New Order put together 4 different cds to represent the 4 different aspects of New Order. New Order added a 5th "bonus disc" of rarities in the first 3000 box sets.

  • 2 many dj's pt.5

    artists:: Soulwax
    label:: WaxedSoul Records

    This is truly the mix that will never leave you bored - and will keep you guessing about what is coming next - kind of like taking your entire playlist and shuffling it for a minute on each tip.

    What I love about the Soulwax mixes is the way they combine groups that have influenced each other back to back - as well as digging up some lost gems. It's a music lesson that you can groove, rock out, and enjoy.