gullbuy music review

February 4, 2003

  • Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

    title:: Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter
    label:: Alive Records

    Thee Michelle Gun Elephant fuse elements of rockabilly and '60s rock n' roll with Detroit-style pummel-rock and punk.

    A fantastic album -- and I understand there's a new album due out in Japan in the immediate future. Too, too much!

  • Takako Minekawa

    title:: Roomic Cube
    label:: March Records

    I think that the highs far out the lows, and overall this is an incredible Japanese pop album.

    I'd rather hear Takako Minekawa go out on a limb and try something new then stay in a controlled tried and true format.

  • The Mummies

    title:: The Mummies: Never Been Caught
    label:: Telstar Records

    This cd reissue was lovingly mastered straight from a vinyl source.

    At the end of the lp proper and before the bonus tracks, the sound just seems to cut off in mid-scream and we're left with the crackle of vinyl. Whether you like it or not - the Mummies are back!

  • Smokey and Miho

    title:: Tempo de Amor: songs by Baden Powell
    label:: Afro Sambas

    Smokey and Miho is Miho Hatori and Smokey Hormel. Miho Hatori is the singer of Cibo Matto and Smokey Hormel has been the guitarist for Tom Waits and Beck.

    Tempo de Amor is a 23 minute 5 song EP with cover versions of songs by Brazilian artist Baden Powell.

  • The Starlight Desperation

    title:: The Starlight Desperation Show you What a Baby Won't
    label:: Gold Standard Laboratories

    I was excited to check out this, their debut album. Unfortunately, it's something of a letdown.

    Singer Dante White's post Starlite Desperation band, Lost Kids, has gone on an indefinite hiatus. He's reforming the Starlite Desperation. Fab! I only hope they pick up where Go Kill Mice left off, rather than starting over again.

  • Supercharger

    title:: Singles Party 1992 - 1993
    label:: Rip Off Records

    While some people might think Supercharger are over-rated, there is just as many of us who think this is pretty crucial music.

    I found myself really liking this Supercharger disc and it helped that the disc is the perfect album length at 24 minutes.