gullbuy music review

Febraury 11, 2003

  • Electric Six

    title:: Danger! High Voltage
    label:: XL Recordings

    Electric Six have made a great entrance with this EP. They are currently riding the UK wave of interest in US bands.

    Their sound combines so many things that they could end up on alternative radio stations anywhere. Their sound is guitar based, hard and heavy, and they are fronted by a wacky vocalist that you will probably love or hate.

  • Ramones

    title:: Too Tough To Die
    label:: Rhino

    The eighth Ramones LP. This record is better than I had remembered it to be. Like the hardcore kid I was at the time, I had previously only valued the Dee Dee songs Wart Hog and Endless Vacation.

    Now in 2003 I can hear the record afresh and have judged Too Tough to Die to be a darn good LP.

  • Ramones

    title:: Subterranean Jungle
    label:: Rhino

    Their seventh LP musically chronicles everything that was going wrong with the Ramones in 1983. The result? The most disjointed Ramones album to date.

    The real fun are the seven extra nuggets included in this reissue. They are the reason to buy this again, or for the first time.

  • Thundertrain

    title:: Teenage Suicide
    label:: Gulcher

    Thundertrain's 1976 LP, Teenage Suicide, has just been re-released by Gulcher Records. This new CD contains all the tracks from that album plus half a dozen others, including a few live cuts and an interview from 1977.

    They could write mainstream songs that were original and yet instantly memorable. Thundertrain played fast, but not THAT fast. The same boredom and frustration with pop radio that created punk also created Thundertrain.

  • X

    titles:: Los Angeles, Wild Gift, Under the Big Black Sun, More Fun in the New World
    label:: Rhino

    Rhino has reissued the first 6 X albums - their studio releases up to their 1988 sabbatical (which lasted into the early '90s), all with essays, copious liner notes, extra photos and (best of all!) lots of bonus tracks.

    Read about our four favorite X LPs here in the gullbuy.